Criminal Law




We provide services to help facilitate our clients in the following areas of Criminal Law:

* Bail Hearings, Bail Detention Reviews and Breach of Bail Conditions
* Domestic Assault
* Sexual Assault
* Aggravated Assault & Assault with Weapon
* Utter Threats & Threatening Bodily Harm
* Criminal Harassment
* Young Offender Offences
* Shoplifting/Theft under and over $5,000
* Fraud under and over $5,000
* Drug trafficking including marijuana and cocaine
* Drug possession and drug importing charges
* Impaired Driving and Over 80
* Fraud and Credit Card Possession
* Fail to appear
* Mischief under $5,000 and Mischief over $5,000
* Communicating for the purpose of prostitution
* Firearms Possession and other Gun Charges
* Break and Enter, Robbery, Mischief, Possession of Burglar Tools
* Regulatory Offences: Highway Traffic Act, Street Racing, Firearms Act, Provincial Offences Act, Liquor License Act
* Pardons


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