Civil Litigation

Our law office provides services in the following areas of Civil Litigation:

We represent Plaintiffs and Defendants in all Ontario litigation matters, including:
* Contractual Disputes
* Commercial disputes
* Personal Injury and Motor vehicle claims
* Real Estate and Mortgage Litigation
* Defense of all claims 

If you are involved in a dispute requiring legal assistance or if you have received Court documentation 
requiring a response, obtain legal advice immediately.

Civil Lawsuits Compensation

If you win your lawsuit, the court may order the other party to pay you the appropriate compensation with regards to your injury or financial loss. The total amount depends on a variety of factors such as the extent of financial loss or the severity of the injury and its subsequent impact on your life.

When can you start a lawsuit?
A Statement of Claim to start your civil litigation can be filed against any other person, whether incorporated or not if it has caused you financial loss or physical damage. You may be able to sue the other party irrespective of the fact that the loss was intended or not intended. A deliberately inflicted loss may also give rise to something called punitive or exemplary damages, where your recovery may exceed your actual loss.

Filing a lawsuit will have serious consequences for both the parties. In Ontario we have a loser pay system. This means that the person who loses the lawsuit will usually be ordered to pay not only their own lawyer’s bill, but also all or part of the other party’s lawyer’s bill as well. The lawyer’s bill for a lawsuit that goes all the way to trial can easily reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thus you should always consider carefully the consequences of both starting and defending a lawsuit, and should also consider making a reasonable offer to settle at the earliest possible stage. A defendant can be ordered to pay the plaintiff’s legal costs even if he does not defend the action, but these costs will be less than the costs of a defended action. Although, a civil litigation action can be filed without legal assistance, it is highly advised that you obtain the services of a civil litigation lawyer as civil litigation is both extremely complicated and very technical. It is not a user friendly system, and the court staff will not provide you with any assistance in drafting or preparing your claim.Type your paragraph here.

If you are involved in a dispute requiring legal assistance or if you have received Court documentation requiring a response, obtain legal advice immediately.

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